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Let's find home

I know buying a home is always a big decision.  I want you to feel informed every step of the way. For many, the first step is the hardest, and I'm here to help you take it.  There is more to being a real estate agent than showing you houses.

My job as your agent is to help you:

  • Become educated about current market conditions. 

  • Narrow down exactly what you want in a home. 

  • Find the right lender for your needs.

  • Find neighborhoods that fit your criteria.

  • Identify key businesses to facilitate a smooth process. 

  • Prepare to win and get to your goal of finding home!


Let's get together and talk

In a perfect world, I suggest meeting at least 6 months before you're ready to purchase. During our meeting we can discuss your needs and wants, review what you need to know to go into buying a home with your eyes open, and discuss important documents you'll encounter during your buying process. I strive to make your purchase as smooth and stress-free as possible. In today's market, time is of the essence. You don't want to miss out on 'THE ONE' because we weren't ready to make an offer. I will not let that happen.


A few tips that will make your buying experience easier:

  • Time to stop looking at 'other sites' . They're nice to browse until you are serious about buying, because they're not updated in real time.  You might find a house you love but, it was sold weeks ago. I'll take your wish list and compose a customized search on the site used by the pros.  This way your search is updated daily, and emailed to you directly. This is the most efficient and  accurate way to see in real time what is happening in the market. 

  •  Prequaify BEFORE walking into homes. Your lender has verified your finances, helped you set your realistic budget, and provided an official letter of pre-qualification. Any offer you are interested in making can not be submitted without a pre-qualification letter.

  •  Do some drive-bys.  Driving through your areas of interest can save you tons of time.  You may LOVE the house you saw on line, but you'll want to also consider the feel of the neighborhood, distance to desired amenities or commute to work.

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Experience the A Factor

Strategy, efficiency and creativity to get your offers accepted. Knowledge, communication and commitment.

Every.  Single.  Time.

Quotation Marks

Andrea was heaven sent! We were relocating from out of state. She helped us not only find a new home that met our family needs but helped us learn about the neighborhoods, schools, and community resources available. She is exceptionally knowledgeable, informative, patient, and fun to house with!

Quotation Marks
Quotation Marks

Andrea was the perfect person for my new adventure. I was relocating from NY. After our first meeting, I just new she was the right person to help me. Finding your perfect home is only part of the deal with Andrea. She makes you feel welcome, makes you aware of the resources that are available to you and helps in any way possible. She definitely went above and beyond and worked around my schedule. Andrea Stepien is the real deal!

It is difficult to fully articulate how amazing our experience was while purchasing our new home with Andrea. She helped move our family from one side of the country to the other. Not only was she an amazing agent to help us find the perfect home, she went the extra mile for us time and time again.  From helping us understand all the idiosyncrasies of moving to the desert, helping us with countless logistics and if we had a question or concern she already had thought of it and had it handled. During our search for a home, Andrea consistently displayed two key quality that many agents lack. She listened, and she was determined. She quickly picked up on what we like, and what we didn’t. And was absolutely determined for us to find a home as we were flying in to look at different areas and houses. Last but certainly not least she was always extremely responsive through phone calls or text messages and was always there when we needed her. I could honestly go and an on, it was a great experience and she really helped reduce the stress that can occur when buying a new home, especially across the country. Thank you Andrea!

Questions? I've got answers
I look forward to talking with you!
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